Exhibitions and selected Exhibitions

Nat. Patchwork Happening (B)
Carrefour Eur. Du Patchwork (Alsace Fr) (Soft Skin)
SAQA's Points of View (Blue Moon)
SAQA Wide Horizons II (Alsace 2010) (Red Samourai)
SAQA Creative Force 2010, (IFQ Houston, Chicago, Long Beach USA) (The Writing + Scribble)
AQS Quilt Show, USA (Blue Moon)
Long Beach, CA, USA (No Milk Today)
Int. Quilt Festival Chicago (No Milk Today)
12.8-16.9.10 William Bonifas Fina Art Center, MI, USA  Bonifars Arts

SAQA 20thAnniversary Trunk show (Samourai 9”)
KBC Private Banking Leuven (solo tento.)
Galerij Dewulf Gent
Belg.Q. Happening in Enghien (4 Qs)
CC de Queveaucamps (B)
FOQ Birmingham (Stabilimenta)
Textile News in  Soloturn (Ch) + Pforzheim (D) + …Gruenstadt (D) + Moscou (Russ)
Saqa Trunk show, Visions Art Quilt Gallery San Diego USA (Blue Moon)
Lowell Quilt Fest., Images 2009,USA (Barok+Hidden Dream+La Luna)
Nadel Und Faden, Osnabrück, D (My Red Samourai)
Fremont Center of the Art, CI, USA (Blue Moon)
IQF Chicago USA (No Milk Today) (Fire)
IQF Houston USA  (No Milk Today + Fire)
IQF Long Beach, CA, USA (Blue Moon)
Colmar Frankr. 17.8-4.9.09
Pforzheim (D) (Dream on + Ship arrives)
Swiss Quilt Festival 4-7.06.09 (Ship arrives + Dream on)
Quilts Inc Houston  (Blue Moon)
Riga Letland 22.5-28.6.09 www.riga-hotels.net/sights-peters.htm  (Silk Feathers)
OEQC 29.4-3.5.09 (Senegal)
Praag Tchechië 3-5.04.09 www.praguepatchworkmeeting.com (Silk Feathers)
Sitges (Spanje) 12-15.03.09 www.patchworkespana.es (Silk Feathers)
Creativa Brussel 2009 (Not everything is blue and white)
Rijswijk Nederland (Silk feathers)


Tréviso Italië (Silk feathers)
Journal Quilt Project II, International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, USA (Fire) 
14è Carrefour Eur. Du Patchwork, France (Silk feathers)
Images 2008 Quilt Show, USA (Staying dry in the Log cabins)
Patchwork&quiltdagen Rijswijk NL met Q.Art Belgium
Nat. Patchworkhappening Bertrix
Kunst uit eigen dorp Bierbeek
Int. Quilt Festival Long Beach  (Journal Quilt Project 2007, “Lavender”)
Int. Quilt Festival Chicago (Journal Quilt Project 2007, “Lavender”)

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (Persona Grata I)
Art Center/Old Forge NY (Persona Grata I)
Int. Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas (Journal Quilt Project 2007; “Lavender”)
Nat. Patchworkhappening Genk (The Red Line)
Hof ten Steen, Orsmaal, B
Festival of Quilts, Birmingham UK (Belgische frieten A4)
Gemeentehuis Bierbeek, B (collectie)
Friends Fabric Art, Lowell, USA
Lincoln Center Galleries; CO, USA. (met  “Surroundings” groep Q.Art B.)
Mini Textile Art; Third Int.exhibition, Kherson, Ukraine (met Ballotin)
Creativa Brussel (met Green Quilt)
LochLomondQuiltshow, Schotland (met See us dancing + Staying dry in the Log Cabins)
Intern.Quilt Festival Chicago, USA (met Persona Grata I)
Quilters Hall of Fame, USA (met Unknown women…(II))
Kunstwerk op boodschappentas; Spar België
“Madammen bekennen kleur” Indig’o! 2007, Meise (met Construction I)
QuiltArtLugano 2007, FAP


Kunst in de Burgstraat 2006, Gent
12. European Patchwork meeting, Alsace (Diversion of the night 2)
Lowell Quilt Festival; USA (met Pastel de Toulouse)
SAQA Europe; Quilt Expo in Lyon, Fr (met Négritude 2)
Kofferquilts 2006
Galerij Mac-Adam, Booischot (B)
Galerij Jublou, Bierbeek
Patchwork&quiltdagen, Rijswijk, NL
Considering Quilts 2006, Florida, USA (met My lucky 13)
Tubac Center of the Arts, Arizona (USA) (met Diversion of the Night & Meander)
Fine Focus 2006 (USA) (met Persona Grata I) 
Bunbury, Australië (met Popcorn in the cinema)