"Travel in a painting" - a textile project about Marthe Donas

Marthe Donas (1885-1967), a well-known international avant-garde painter, inspired Monique Gilbert for her new textile art project.  A project about just one painting of her, would promote the artist and her work even more.
Monique Gilbert presented her project to the musée Marthe Donas in Ittre and got permission to start with the project. The owner of the chosen painting not only agreed with the set up, but also promised that the results would be shown at the museum and be allowed in the Espace Bauthier in Ittre next to the “Abstracte Compositie nr.6”.

During the Crossroads workshops Monique Gilbert guides the participating artists in making the right square of 15 cm, enlarging it to 90 cm, choice of material, technical assistance ets.  Some of the chosen details : 


Exhibition from October 13th through November 11th 2018 - Musée Marthe Donas, 36 rue de la Montagne, B 1460 Ittre       www.museemarthedonas.be