Monique Gilbert started traditional quilting in 1984 in a non quilting land Belgium. Soon she made her own designs. Working together with “de Kunstbank” in 1989 made her realise that a lot of work was to be done to promote Art Quilts in Europe. She coordinated Europa Quilts 1 and 2 in Leuven and is co-founder of Q.Art Belgium which exists to provide a network for quilt artists living in Belgium. Monique is member of SAQA and her Art Quilts are regularly selected for touring exhibitions. 

She uses fabric from her stash (commercial, hand dyed , silk screened, stamped and non traditional). All the quilts are done by machine. When she works on a project it is her mission to find everything she needs for the piece in her stash. She says: “It happens that therefore I have to change my initial idea and mostly it is then my best design”. Her contemporary wall hangings are shown in Europe and USA. Her passion is teaching new techniques to like-minded quilters.